Travis Anthropology Summer Camp FAQ

Do we have to have a group of 15 to get a day at camp, or can individual kids register?

We accept both group and individual registrations for Travis Anthropology Summer Camp.  Group registrations must be at least 15 children.  Individual registrations would either be blended into a group registration that would total 15 children for one day.  Or, if the number of individual registrations for a single day would total 15 that becomes a group for the One Day Adventure.

Is there a benefit to doing more than one day?

Each day is different.  The children will examine several cultures throughout the day and choose a focus on one culture.  They will discuss, play games, enjoy music, and tackle one question about the culture they chose.

Examples of questions include:  How do they learn?  How do they play?  How do they eat?  How do they live? How do they travel?

We are homeschoolers, so if I were to get a group together, what age range could the group have–meaning, within the K-6 range?

Could we have a group of 15 kids of all age ranges within that K-6 range?

Each group can encompass all age ranges from K-6.  The child must have completed at least kindergarten through 6th grade to attend.

Why groups of 15?

Our One Day Adventures are led by camp facilitators who coordinate and lead the Museum tours, discussions, games, crafts and other activities for the day.  The Museum has been providing the Travis Summer One Day Adventures for more than ten years.  We do the camp by groups in order to accommodate the best use of scheduling from our camp facilitators.  Plus, we just want it to be a fun experience for everyone!

Where can I find the registration form?

The registration form can be found on our website,