The Cofan Fight for Literacy

South America is in a fight for literacy. How are the Cofán people battling to preserve language education for their younger generation and thus, preserve their culture?

In Quito, the capital of Ecuador, the Fundacion Sobrevivenica Cofán has developed an education project aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of the next generation so that they can preserve the Cofán land-base and be able to communicate effectively with other countries through the world: the Cofán Leadership Development Program.

 This year there are a total of twenty-four students placed in five schools around Quito, including two Cofán students in universities.

The students live in the Quito Cofán Center, where Cofán foods are served, Cofán values and forms of social interaction are followed, and Cofán is the language of everyday life.

The Cofan are hoping to continually expand this project to offer more children the opportunity for superior education.

Come check out the exhibit featured at the museum representing a slice of Cofán culture and familiarize yourself with this studious and progressive people!