Payment How-To


See the DONATION sub-topic under the SUPPORT US menu item.

There is a form labeled IMC donation form. You can enter your information as the payer and optionally designate another person for whom you are paying.

There is a drop-down menu to specify the reason for the payment. At present the choices are limited, so please use  GENERAL if a specific purpose or event is not .shown.  We will know if you have signed up for an event that requires payment.

To make your payment, the page has a ‘button’ to access a  PayPal app. That app also allows you to pay by one of the major credit cards if you do not have a PayPal account.

The form and the PayPal app still show the Museum name as International Museum of Cultures or IMC; however the funds are coming to the Museum of International Cultures.

We appreciate your interest in our programs. Thank you.