Small Business Membership

We moved to our new location in 2012 and have received many positive comments and support from the area business community.  A cultural venue that has the support of the business community speaks to the greater audience of the pride and achievement of the city.

Your involvement as a Small Business member will provide for events and educational programs that enhance cultural awareness and cultural diversity in our city.  It affords you as an investor in the museum to be recognized for your community contribution.

The Small Business Membership provides:

  • Certificate of Membership
  • Membership cards for up to ten employees
  • VIP invitations to all IMC events
  • Free admission to over 700 museums of the North American Reciprocal Museum program
  • Use of community room or conference room up to two times a year

We value your partnership of the business community and hope you will consider the investment in the International Museum of Cultures.

Click here to download the Membership Form.