Interns Curating New Exhibits

We are surrounded by interns representing several local universities.  Today, there were four in the Museum working on various exhibits and educational pieces.

Let’s meet them …


Amna Saleemi is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Cultural Anthropology.  She plans to pursue a Masters in Museum Studies and is applying to several colleges.

Amna curating Mexico Discovery BoxHere Amna is curating a new Discovery Box on Mexico.  It will be ready just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month.  Teachers can order the Discovery Box as a TEKS-based learning tool.

Andy Pottkotter likes the Museum so much he has returned for another round of work on our exhibits and website.  Andy holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Design Research with a Minor in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Studio Art from the University of North Texas.

Andy working on websiteAndy is passionate about the integrity of the Museum’s image.  You will soon see the fruits of his labor on our website where you will be able to register for events and our annual fundraisers.

LarryLarry Simon is attending Dallas Baptist University for a double degree in Psychology and English.

Larry working on Mexico culture

While he works full-time as a mechanical engineer, Larry loves culture.  Specifically, he has done some research on the Tarahumara people of Mexico and wanted to share his findings.  Lucky for us, he chose the Museum to place his research, which will be part of our education outreach.  As a matter of fact, IMC Docent Barbara Pankratz will be presenting parts of Larry’s research this coming Saturday at the DeSoto Public Library.


Mikayla Brewer is currently attending Texas Christian University, double majoring in Strategic Communication and Anthropology.

Makayla curating Romania

Mikayla is curating a new European exhibit from pieces the Museum recently acquired from a donation.  This new exhibit will feature the story of Romanian immigration to the U.S. through Ellis Island during World War I.  A beautiful love story surrounds this acquisition and we can’t wait for Mikayla to complete it!

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  1. Thank you for the best display you did for my wonderful parents the Avram Dragans. They were married for 47 beautiful years. MY FATHER Avram was brave to have come over the Atlantic while the U boats were blowing up every ship .. HE was smart enough to sail on the German ship the SS PRINZ OSKAR. A few months later the LUSITANIA was sino.

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