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The Museum of International Cultures presents John Alexander Taylor’s Thrills of The Penny Whistle Park Ferris Wheel on our Online Gift Shop on Etsy now for purchase


“Growing up, one of my favorate places was Penny Whistle Park – an indoor amusement park for children, which closed decades ago. In an effort to recall fun-loving, exciting, and colorful memories, I created this work to expose my inner child. By capturing images and manipulating photography from the seemingly impromptu carnivals that pop up in retail parking lots, I recreated the amusement park in new locations, hoping the images invoke carfree memories of childhood fun.”

–John A. Taylor, artist.

This item was originally for sale for $1,500, but as our Bargain of the Week, it will be available for $750 dollars. Proceeds will go to the museum.
For more information please contact Mary Fae Kamm at