Peru literacy project – Pat Davis

Dr. Patricia Davis has given permission to include her weekly reports from Peru on the Museum website. They provide an interesting insight into the effrot to develop educational materials in some native languages.  Following is frrom Pat:

I’m managing six language committees who are authoring books and 2 new “secretaries” who are providing them computer support, someone is standing in line to ask a question all of the time, and I am completely (but happily) inundated.

We are located in a town just a few kilometers away from the big city of Pucallpa.  That is the major city in the center of the Amazon basin region of Peru, on the banks of the large Ucayali River, which forms part of the  headwaters of the Amazon River. Will try to locate a map to help you.  Participants in the workshop come from north to south so some travel long distances to get here.  This map only marks the location of the Matsigenkas, the language community with whom I worked, but it is the clearest one I have for your purposes.