STEM Resources

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

The STEM fields play an important role in our modern world.

We want to encourage all students to consider STEM activities and possible future careers. Below are some links to appropriate websites.

…….  The first 3 sites (from Discover Data Science) are  updated regularly.

  • sources of STEM info for students and parents

  •      Resources for people interested in pursuing a potential career in data science. Of particular note is the Sustainability Guide and Women in STEM Guide.

  •      Career Center with information on various STEM related career paths.

…………….. another site, with similar content:    has a very comprehensive list of web sites for STEM information for all age levels.

…………. some specific sites:   claims to have the world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.
Site by National Academy of Engineering has materials to interest young people in the field of engineering. Cool Content and Activities section has ideas for small projects. The SHOP section has books, DVDs, posters and other items for sale.

“An Engineering Education Makes a World of Difference” <> OR <>  highlights role models who have used an engineering education to innovate products, processes, and services that improve human health, welfare, and happiness.   In addition to the role models, the site provides links to other sites that explain what engineering is and where visitors can find out more about engineering.
see Resources  topic for activity ideas, including some in Spanish.
see Resources topic for list of websites especially useful for parents
‘Engineering- Go For It’ is a site by American Society for Engineering Education,
with interactive material, newsletter and magazine; for students, educators, and parents.

A diagram of general career areas organized by interests: