All of our anthropology-based educational programs focus on teaching students to respect and understand other cultures. We have a variety of programs that can be easily integrated into your curriculum (science, social studies, fine arts, English language arts, and math). Each is fun and interactive for your students.

Discovery Boxes

Discovery Boxes are excellent educational tools that allow your students to experience cultures around the world in a unique and interactive way. Discovery boxes come in 14 different themes and include a variety of objects from our museum’s collection. Your students will be able to touch and examine the objects while completing included activities and worksheets that encourage them think critically about the world around them.

Each Discovery Box has

  1. Authentic Artifacts from Indigenous Cultures
  2. A Notebook which contains pictures and detailed descriptions of each Artifact
  3. A Teacher-Student Activity and Reproducible Book, which contains
    1. Background on Anthropology and Cultures
    2. Instructions on Using the Discovery Box
    3. Teaching Tips for Using the Artifacts
    4. An Inventory of the Discovery Box
    5. Opening Activities to get the students involved
    6. Student Activities in the following content areas, depending on the Discovery Box:  Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music.
  4. A DVD with additional resources, such as videos and electronic versions of the student activities.
  5. A Display Cloth for Displaying the Artifacts.
  6. Books about various cultures covered in the Discovery Box
  7. Supporting Materials

Museum Tour of Indigenous Cultures

If you prefer a traditional field trip for your students, the  Museum of International Cultures is  here to make your experience worthwhile. Our tours are both educational and fun. They can include crafts, interactive activities, and more! We will work with you to tailor your tour to your needs.

For further information…

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you and your educational objectives. We will work together to meet your needs and the needs of your students: or 972-572-0462