Discovery Boxes

Our Discovery Boxes compile objects used by indigenous peoples around the world. Each box focuses on a theme common to people everywhere, and corresponding curricula appropriate for multiple grade levels provide information and activities about the objects from an anthropological perspective. The guided activities help students ask important questions about their own and others’ lives. Give your students a truly eye-opening and hands-on lesson unlike anything they’ve experienced!

The International Museum of Cultures circulates fourteen (14) Discovery Boxes to local schools.  They are reserved, delivered and picked up from local schools on a weekly basis.

Each Discovery Box has

  1. Authentic Artifacts from Indigenous Cultures
  2. A Notebook which contains pictures and detailed descriptions of each Artifact
  3. A Teacher-Student Activity and Reproducible Book, which contains
    1. Background on Anthropology and Cultures
    2. Instructions on Using the Discovery Box
    3. Teaching Tips for Using the Artifacts
    4. An Inventory of the Discovery Box
    5. Opening Activities to get the students involved
    6. Student Activities in the following content areas, depending on the Discovery Box:  Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music
  4. A DVD with additional resources, such as videos and electronic versions of the student activities.
  5. A Display Cloth for Displaying the Artifacts.
  6. Books about various cultures covered in the Discovery Box
  7. Supporting Materials

The cost for a Discovery Box is $175.00 for the week and includes delivery.


A Day in the Lifeafrica-political-map

 Box includes: 13 items from the continent of Africa:

Bracelet, Hunting satchel, Ear or necklace adornment, Headrest, Neck pouch, Beaded Apron, Voting Ballot, Knife

African America

A Day in the Lifeafricanamerican1

Box includes: Reading items about famous African Americans.

American Indians

A Day in the LifeDB-American Indian

 Box includes:  items from the southwest US.

Paint brushes, Decorative pigments, Bone flesher, Chanupa pipe, Buffalo pelt, Soap,

Dew claw, Dream catcher, Milk teeth, Wolf kachina doll, Clown kachina dolls, Projectile points

Body Adornments

Body AdornmentsDB_Body Adornments

Box includes: 18 items from Papua New Guinea, Peru, Ecuador, Micronesia,

Guatemala, the Philippines, Afghanistan, and Indonesia.

Headband, Facial stain, Nose adornment, Bracelet, Ear plug, Ear plugs (2 fabric),

Shell collar, Necklace (cowry), Necklace (2 Maasai), Hat, Necklace (Mexico), Earrings (2)

Children Around the World

A Day in the LifeDB-Children Around the World

Box includes: 13 items from Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Counting & Currency I

Money & CurrencyDB-CC1

Box includes: 11 items from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the United Kingdom,

Switzerland, West Africa, Laos, Canada, and Ivory Coast.

Zimbabwean $500, Bahaman $1, Thailand 50 baht, Turkish 20000 lira, Singapore $1, Yugoslavian 10 dinar,

Slovakian 20 koruna, Colombian 100 pesos, Egyptian 25 piastres, Conus shells (2),

Cowry shells (23), Mancala boards (2), China 1 Yuan, Nepalese 5 rupee, Mancala pcs. (96), Abaci (2)

Counting & Currency II

Money & CurrencyDB-CC2

Box includes: 11 items from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the United Kingdom,

Switzerland, West Africa, Laos, Canada, and Ivory Coast.

Kenyan 50 shilling, Jamaican $20, Swedish 20 krona, Greek 100 drachma, Hong Kong $1,

Ukrainian 100 note, Estonian 1 kroon, Venezuela 10 bolivar, South African 20 rand, Indian 1 rupee,

Mancala boards (2), Mancala pcs. (96), Conus shells (3), Cowry shells (22), China 10 Yuan, Abaci (2)

Day in the Life

A Day in the LifeDB-Day In the Life

Box includes: 13 items from Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines,

Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Ear adornment (wing), Ear adornment (bamboo), Livestock bell, Turtle shell instrument,

Bone dagger, Tooth necklace, Rasp, Needle, Fire fan, Necklace adornment, Necklace (tusk), Necklace (Bone & teeth)

Food & Hunting

Food & HuntingDB-Food and Hunting

Box includes: 13 items from the Philippines, Peru, Brazil,

Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, and Mexico.

Humans & Animals

Humans & Animals 2DB-Humans and Animals

Box includes: 13 items from Papua New Guinea, Ecuador,

Bolivia, Peru, and the Philippines.

Humans & Nature

Humans & NatureDB-Humans and Nature

Box includes: 13 items from the Philippines, Colombia, Australia, Ecuador,

Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, and Peru.

Just Like Me

Just Like UsDB-Just Like Me

Box includes: 20 items from the Democratic Republic of Congo, West Africa, Ivory Coast,

Kenya, Nigeria, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Java, and the Philippines.

World Anthropologist

World AnthropologistDB-World Anthropology

Box includes: 17 items from South Africa, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Brazil, Colombia,

Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Java, and the Philippines.

Bone dagger, Mini chicken trap, Takraw ball, Ceramic tile, Pot leg, Bark cloth mallet, Mini dwelling,

Bark cloth, Zulu belt, Glass bead belt, Nose flute, Cassava squeezer

World Music Box

World Music BoxDB-World Music

Box includes: 12 items from Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, and China.

Angklung, Hulusi, Sheng, Majira, Belafon, Bungkaka, Axatse/Cabasa, Ocanira Flute,

Jaw Harp, Castanets, Caxixi shaker, Handheld Drum

Please call 972-572-0462 or email to reserve a Discovery Box.

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    • I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your Global Classroom seminar you held sometime ago. I believe this is an area we could make a valuable contribution of information, research and artifact presentation.

      At your convenience I would like to invite you for a visit to our museum and allow us to more fully discuss how a partnership might be developed.

      Mary Fae Kamm
      Executive Director
      411 E. Hwy 67
      Duncanville, TX 75137
      972 572 0462

  2. I am a homeschool parent of 27 years now and am interested in your discovery boxes. My group of students range from 4 years old to 11th grade.
    Please send any info I would need to

    Thank you for any info you can give me.
    V-Ann Davis

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