A Note of Thanks from our Youngest Intern

14-year-old Max had his first encounter with the IMC as a student of the Travis Anthropology Summer Camp.  He enjoyed it so much as a kid, that he came back to do an internship with us.  Max left our Executive Director a sweet note and said he’ll be returning next Summer!  Thank you Max for all your help at the Museum.  Glad you enjoyed it!

max thank you note

2 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks from our Youngest Intern

    • The website comments were not being monitored so your question was not received.
      I am new website administrator (Penny); I don’t think there is any payment for interns and docents, just the experience and public service.
      Please call Museum (972-572-0462) and talk with its director Mary Fae Kamm if you are still interested.

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